NEW Destiny Templar Challenge Strategy

Whats going on guys, I’ve got a new Destiny post & video for you.

I’ve scoured the internet and I have not found a strategy to complete the Templar challenge like this one.

First thing you wanna do is make sure you have at least two titans with defender class on. Activate Blessing and Bastion or Gift of the Void so your bubble lasts longer or you can have a constant supply of orbs for supers. Either one is good for this part. Also, wearing the Glass House helm helps a lot here because it increases the duration of Ward of Dawn. You definitely want that bubble up as long as possible as your teammates super recharges.

You want to pop your bubble in the front of the map in the front right corner. This area is perfect for when the Templar starts to summon Minotaurs. For whatever reason, most of them won’t go near you in this corner.

You want to have one relic holder and one teammate taking care of oracles. To complete the Templar Challenge, you have to make sure the Templar doesn’t teleport. The best way of doing this is to have the relic holder stand in the circles that spawn when he’s getting ready to teleport and blocking his attacks with the relic shield. You will be jumping back
and forth between teleport points, so make sure you’re being quick.

You want to make sure that your titans are rotating their super abilities and immediately popping a bubble as soon as one runs out. You will die pretty quickly without the constant blessing overshield.

We found that using Gally or Sleeper took down his health pretty quickly.

I hope you use this strategy in your next VOG raid! Let me know if this worked well for you guys in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel because I post videos multiple times each week!


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