My 5 Favorite Nerdy YouTubers!

I love watching tons of different YouTubers and quite a few are nerdy, just like me! Some of my favorites are…

He’s friggen hilarious! I do have to warn you though, he can be pretty blunt and can say some pretty raunchy things, but he’s very entertaining to watch! He mostly plays Indie/Horror games and sometimes Adventure/Story games. Lately, he hasn’t been posting much video game content and instead has been focusing mainly on comedy, but he has a ton of video game playlists that he has played in the past. I discovered his content through his horror series, Outlast.

I absolutely love watching Sasha’s book reviews. It gives me a good idea on what books I want to read next! She also loves Sci Fi novels, so that’s a plus for me (I love Sci Fi!).

Debby’s art channel is so fun to click through! I love drawing and I love anime, so her channel is such a perfect form of entertainment for me!

Suzy Lu
I just recently began watching Suzy Lu when I discovered her through her Resident Evil 7 gameplay videos. She’s very quirky, down to Earth and I love to watch her gameplays because they are so laid back and chill! She doesn’t go crazy with editing, she doesn’t scream at the game she plays and I like that sometimes! She’s just starting out, but so far it seems as though she’s doing very well with the amount of subscribers vs. videos she has up on her channel!

Jenna Moreci
I love watching Jenna’s videos! They always give me such motivation to write. I write just as a hobby (I don’t see myself publishing anything right now) and Jenna gives really great tips to improve your writing. She has even self-published her own novel called Eve: The Awakening that is very good for her first novel!

I hope you guys check out some of these channels and let me know what you think of them! Also, if you have any recommendations for nerdy channels for me to watch, please comment below! Have a wonderful day and happy nerding!


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