Nerdy Blog Introduction


Hiya! My name is Cassidy. I am the writer behind Cass In Nerdland. And no, it’s not Cass Innerd Land…I can see how it may get confused! This blog was created for nerdy people to come together and wreck nerdy havok! Jk. But seriously, this blog is a safe space for nerdy gamers, anime watchers, book readers, manga doodlers, etc to come together and nerd out!

I absolutely love video games, my main staple is the Sims 4. Pretty lame, I know. I just like to mess with my Sim’s lives! I also love every Assassin’s Creed video game, Destiny, The Witcher, Nioh, COD, For Honor, every Nintendo 64 game out there, and so so much more!

I’m pretty new at watching anime, but a few of the series I have watched and ABSOLUTELY LOVED are Attack on Titan, Death Note, Seven Deadly Sins, and (of course) Pokemon! You are not human if you haven’t watched any of these.

I’m just gonna keep listing all my nerdy-ness.

I loveeee books! I’ve been an avid book reader my entire life (since I knew what they were). I’ve read so many different book series, some of which you have probably heard of. Twilight, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, etc. I’ve also gotten my hands on some new book series lately called The Throne of Glass series and IT’S SO AMAZING! It’s about an assassin with a dark past that competes in a competition that the king puts on so she can earn her freedom. It’s much, much deeper than that…but you just gotta read all 5 books to find out. I’ll probably post a book review about it here in a few days.

And finally, to end the nerdy-streak of nerdy things I love, I love art! Doodling, painting, sketching, and recently I’ve gotten into painting in photoshop! Art is my heart and soul!

I just wanted to write a quick post about myself to give you guys a good idea of what this blog is about! I hope you join me in my nerdy-ness and embark on a quest to Nerdland!


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